JLW (12 of 17)Actress Christanna Rowader is an LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award winner for her role as Mother in Ragtime. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and has three older half-siblings on her father’s side. Her parents, Darrell and Linda Rowader, live in Arizona (2000-present). Her father works as a music teacher and her mother as a nurse. Before that, both her parents were opera singers in Chicago (approx. 1979-1993).

Christanna was brought up in the theater world and was trained as a classical singer. At the age of 13, she landed her first role as the White Witch of Narnia (being the youngest actress to play an adult role). She had decided to pursue film afterwards. At 18, she moved to New York City and briefly studied at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (2003). After that, she moved to Arizona and studied musical theater at The Herberger School of Music (2005-2009).

During her years as a student, she played in numerous theatrical productions throughout Arizona along with performing as guest soloist for her father’s symphony concerts in Prescott. She graduated Arizona State with a BIS degree in music and creative writing, then moved to Los Angeles directly after.